The Team

@uttaras (Uttara)
Uttara has a passion for Indian music and is based in London. She is an ex-lawyer and has just begun to work toward a PhD in history at the University of Cambridge. Her twitter handle is @uttaras

@themusicofindia (Lorraine Craig)

Montreal Music Now (A Boutique Booking Agency) is the brainchild of Lorraine Craig, a tiredness promoter and musicians advocate in the music and film industry for over 12 years. Lorraine started with artist promotions in an informal manner and has decided to launch a web site, further cementing her dedication to arts promotion in Montreal and abroad. She represents some of the best talent in and around Montreal and is dedicated to booking your event with the appropriate artist (s)for your venue , budget and specifications. Lorraine guarantees that she will oversee all relevant details that are necessary to make your event a success. As the liaison and negotiator between the booking agent and the talent, you can rest assured her experience in event management production and booking musicians, will bring you satisfaction.

Montreal Music Now represents a balanced roster of artists with a focus on Jazz, (both vocal and instrumental) Indian Classical Music, World Music, and western classical (to a lesser degree).

Lorraine is also happy to introduce the age old art of Indian Classical Dance to audiences here and abroad, she takes take great pleasure in announcing that she is representing a world class Kathak artist, her name is Sudeshna Maulik .

A speaker section is also in development. Montreal Music Now is pleased to announce that Makai Aref, ( a women’s advocate from Afghanistan) has been added to our speakers roster.

Our artists are found in theatres and concert halls across Canada and around the world. They are seen on television shows, heard on the radio and featured on record collections. In the future, Montreal Music Now plans to represent select “cross-over” artists.

Lorraine looks forward to speaking with you about any theme performances that you would like to develop. Currently she is working on “The Spirit of India” which will be available in late 2013 for touring and local fundraisers.


Uttara and Lorraine are always looking for help with technical aspects, content, articles etc Please look at this page and fill in the form if you would like to help us make this project a success.

Alternatively, you could email us at theveenaDOTorgATgmailDOTcom.

All published contributions while voluntary, will be prominently and duly acknowledged.


6 Responses to The Team

  1. Tim German says:

    Trying to locate Lyle Warcowsky – he is an old friend whi I have lost touch with. I am coming to NY next year and would like to make contact with him. Please pass my email to him if you have contact. Please forgive contact through your site.
    Many thanks
    Tim German

  2. Dear Uttara & Lorraine Craig !

    Congrats for this amazing blog site… its enjoyable to see some “virtual writers” with high passion and love for Indian Classics… your blog presents very specific and uniquely details about the Veena. I fell in love with this instrument years ago because of its deep sonoric sound… so relaxing.

    On my own I am radio producer since 03/2006 for “non commercial” radio shows giving aspects to Indian Classics of Hindustani and Carnatic ( ). The shows are broadcasted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland ( ) and can be listened locally via FM and worldwide as Internet radio.

    The shows are setup as educational format (not as entertainment) to promote an inter-cultural dialogue between South Asia/India and Europe. Behind the media project is a social idea, too ( pls read more details about here: + ).

    So fare for now…. warm greetings from EUrope/North Germany (Hamburg) – TC/LJRM
    PS: The radio show which comes closest to the topic “veena” for now probably is this. Maybe you lare interested in is this: “Surs(h)ringar… pathfinder of the Sarode” . The specific playlist you find here: . All shows can be relistened as they are stored in the archive of a “Virtual University Library” – . The specific show can be relistened here: .

  3. Pingback: In conversation with Dr Radhika Umdekar Budhkar-first woman player of the Vichitra Veena |

  4. John Ashforth says:

    What a great idea for a website.
    I’m based in the north west of England and received saraswati veena lessons for a while from a teacher in Leeds.

    I’m in Kerala right now and am interested in buying a gottuvadyam and am not sure where to begin looking. I would consider commissioning a new one or buying a good new or used one.
    Quality is the most important factor. Can anyone help me with this please?

    I may be able to help with some aspects of the site. I used to be a pro graphic design/photographer but have no skills in website construction.

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